However, in the theoretical sense, Kroeber’s biggest contribution is the re- formulation of Spencer’s concept of the superorganic which Kroeber. The idea of “The superorganic” is associated with Alfred Kroeber, an American anthropologist writing in the first half of the twentieth century. A. L. KROEBER. University of California. Search for more papers by this author. First published: April‐June

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American Anthropological Association, Memoirs 2: The regard in which Kroeber was held and the reasons for his eminence rest on several characteristics. His major contribution is the Handbook of the Indians of Californiaa work of more than a thousand pages, containing much previously unpublished data.

“The Superorganic,” or Kroeber’s hidden agenda.

Superorgamico early became familiar with Greek and Latin and attributed his enduring interest in linguistics to his childhood contact with four languages. Kroeber occupies several positions here, and the loose ends in this section of his argument would be taken up by future thinkers.

I have cut it down to just under 8, His archeological work, however, focused on Mexico and Peru. This preoccupation was reinforced by, but antedated, the development of such basic units as phonemes and morphemes in linguistics. Even the greatest inventions, he argues, will only take root if a culture is prepared syperorganico accept them. For a complete bibliography, see Stewardpp.

On the one hand, Kroeber sees the mental lives of individuals as the biological substrate on which culture supeorganico itself. He could, on occasion, use thoroughly functional concepts in his descriptive analyses see for example his section on the Yurok in the Handbook of the Indians of Californiabut his habit of mind and his interest led him back continually to the natural-history approach of classical biology and a humanistic emphasis upon patterns and styles.


In it, I will present a series of open access, curated texts from the history of anthropological theory. Most of his some seventy papers on California ethnography deal with ethnological problems, utilizing his ethnographic data. The socio-cultural level, culture or society, therefore is carried by humans and transcends humans.

Kroeger this task Kroeber devoted part of his energies, particularly in his earlier years. In ethnology, Evon Vogt has recently developed a refined genetic approach to the analysis of culture areas, and similar stirrings of interest in historical reconstructions are visible among recent anthropologists. Do not anthropomorphise culture.

Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. Finally, Kroeber argues that the legitimacy of anthropology or history, these terms are used interchangeably in a way that modern readers may find strange is tied to the existence of culture.

The implications of these statements need further elucidation [ see Culture ]. The felicitous style of much of his writing stems from his continuing literary interests.

Savage Minds

What do you think? The concept has been attacked as mystical and as sheer reification because it fails to predict variations in individual behavior kreber because it is deterministic.

I want to give my students early 20th Century essays by Anthros, on the value of oral history as indigenous interpretation of their past.

Those of his students who became involved in archeology had to teach themselves the most elementary mapping, excavating, cataloguing, and preservation techniques. American Anthropologist New Series Extreme functional and structural approaches have insisted on the interrelatedness of all aspects of culture.

Folks, today I am beginning something new: Kroeber, working in part with graduate students, analyzed and published articles on the Uhle collections, refining and extending the Uhle chronology. Or does anthropology have a unique method? No longer will you be shackled to Victor Turner now that you can read Kroeber, Sapir, and Goldenweiser! In his later years Kroeber perhaps more than any other individual was the spokesman of the profession in the United States.

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Savage Mind’s new occasional paper series: first up, The Superorganic | Savage Minds

Kroeber argued that the couvade is not the result of kreber instead it may be a response to a universal human experience. But he also argues that individual organic endowment cannot affect civilization. He observed that if the Indian service truly wanted scientific research it should contract with the universities to have it done independently. His interpretative contributions in archeology are primarily the extension of theoretical viewpoints he had developed in ethnology, while his analytical categories are derived from the humanities.

By cleaning and curating a selection of open access, I hope to make open access resources better known and superorganic raise awareness of the actual history of anthropological theory.

Kroeber, Alfred L. |

Dear Robin, Thanks for writing. His statistical approach set in motion a still expanding use of statistics in archeology. Over time I would like to work superorganco the British side of the tradition, since that was actually how I was trained as well at least in undergrad.